Sete Colinas Fund
The Sete Colinas Fund is a closed-end real estate investment fund, which was authorized by the CMVM
(Portuguese Securities Market Commission) in 2006.

Held by a single European institutional investor, whose portfolio of real estate investments spans Europe, the Sete Colinas Fund (which is named after Lisbon's seven hills) is committed to the regeneration of the historical center of Lisbon, through the preservation of the city’s heritage with innovative urban rehabilitation solutions.
The projects undertaken by the Sete Colinas Fund incorporate unique and inspiring features. Envisioned on the basis of new concepts and trends, they benefit from a prime location, which is central and accessible from a striking social and cultural identity,

spectacular views and distinctive architectural traits that reflect the dynamic of their surroundings.

Artistic projects 
Based on an innovative vision, the Fund aims to sponsor a unifying art curation project, which combines history with contemporaneity, tradition with modernity. To this end, art interventions will be carried out on each building, while preserving the qualities that give them a distinctive character.

Portfolio of projects
The portfolio of projects, totaling approximately 81 million euros, reflects responsible and integrated intervention, which aims to attract new audiences and operators with modern urban rehabilitation solutions. With a focus on the areas of housing, tourism, hospitality and commerce, it develops unique, benchmark projects that integrate new concepts and trends aimed at new forms of work and areas of intervention.
Residential projects with high standards of quality, targeted at an audience seeking class and distinction.
Tourism and Hospitality
Tourism and hospitality projects with a unique and distinguished position in the city of Lisbon.
Offices and Retail
Offices used for new forms of work, designed in an integrated manner, and commercial venues located in key areas of the city that embody trends and innovative concepts.
New Concepts
New concepts for accommodation, through the creation of integrated projects in unique parts of the city.
Management Company
and Partners

The Sete Colinas Fund is managed by SILVIP– SGFII, SA, the prestigious Portuguese Real Estate Investment Fund Management Company. SILVIP – SGFII, SA was founded on 12 June 1987; it has enormous expertise potential and a thorough knowledge of the property market, which have largely contributed to the success of its activities.
SILVIP carries out the following services:
- advisory, creation and management of real estate investment funds;
- consultancy services and tax planning for real estate investment;
- market analysis and studies relating to the real estate market;
- management of real estate assets on an individual basis.
The management company is responsible for more than 350 million euros, as at 31 December 2016, and has a significant market share at the level of independent managers.

Real estate project development coordination is supported by ESSENTIA, S.A. 
ESSENTIA operates in the fields of Urban Rehabilitation and Theme Real Estate; it also carries out valuable activities in the Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality sectors and as part of territorial projects.
Since it was founded in 1996, ESSENTIA has been adapting its services to market conditions and customer needs. This work, stance and strategic vision has allowed the company to earn recognition among its customers and gain a variety of distinctions both nationally and internationally.
Public Documents and Legal Information
Regulatory Authorities

The Fund is supervised by CMVM, the Bank of Portugal and auditors.

BDO & Associados, SROC, Lda. CMVM-Registered Auditor no. 1122. Listed on the Portuguese Institute of Statutory Auditors under no. 29.